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Moving speedily to delay cancer treatment by 6 months - John Coll [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Moving speedily to delay cancer treatment by 6 months [Aug. 13th, 2009|04:33 pm]
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I have heard so much in recent weeks about the speed, and focus etc that the NHS puts into delivering solutions for patients with life threatening disease such as cancer.  I would say that has broadly been the experience so far,  even when it’s not what you want to hear: “No your father cannot have the drugs prescribed for him by his cancer specialist” because NICE haven’t said they are nicewe knew it swiftly and so can start to appeal and challenge and search for other solutions etc.
You get swept along on this ride and expect it all to happen at speed… not an unreasonable view eh?
So I think I mentioned the appeal date was yesterday, we didn’t hear anything. Communications goes to the Doctor first, themto us apparently. So we heard today.
The appeals procedure is snowed under… the appeal will not be heard until February 2010.

No that is not a typo February 2010.

This man who has this apparently rare form of this cancer we heard yesterday, will have to wait six months to know if he will get the drugs he has been prescribed and they could still say no. It is incredible isn’t it?
So here we go again, apparently we now have to lodge a formal complaint to the PCT. Our MP Parmjit Dhanda and his team in Gloucester have been very helpful, so thanks to you all.
In parallel of course, we are still pushing the PCT to bring this date very far forward, they will see if they can fit us following a cancellation. Who cancels that kind of meeting? So we're not holding much hope that way.
So if anybody out there has a way of cracking this problem for a swifter solution I am wide open to ideas. We are already looking at clinical trials and stuff - so prising apart the bureaucratic tentacles that this is hidden behind are the ideas I am looking for. Thoughts and help welcome.